Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MLA Journals Adopt New Open-Access-Friendly Author Agreements

The journals of the Modern Language Association (MLA) will now provide contracts that allow authors to retain their copyright over material published in MLA journals such as PMLA, Profession and the ADE and ADFL bulletin. Prior to this change in policy, authors were required to sign their copyright over to MLA when publishing in one of that association’s journals.  This is part of a growing trend in which more and more publishers are allowing writers to retain copyright or at least negotiate their rights, a trend which is in part to due to the increasing number of options available to authors due to the growth of Open Access.

Under the new MLA terms authors will be permitted, among other things, to post their manuscripts on personal websites or institutional repositories, such as the University of Guelph’s Atrium ( The new agreement will be available to authors staring with the next full issue of each journal.

If you would like to discuss author rights, publishing or copyright issues, please contact Pascal Lupien, Research Enterprise and Scholarly Communication Team, Library (

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