Tuesday, July 3, 2012

U of G Opting Out of Copyright Agreement

After extensive review, the University of Guelph will opt out of a national copyright licensing agreement reached between the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) and Access Copyright.

The University had signed anon-binding letter of intent to participate in the model license before a May deadline to qualify for discount incentives, and used the intervening time to arrive at this final decision.

The decision follows similar steps by numerous Canadian universities, including the University of Waterloo, Queen’s University, University of British Columbia, University of Windsor, York University and Trent University.

As well, Bill C-11, the Copyright Modernization Act, was passedrecently. It includes several new educational exceptions that are not accountedfor in the AUCC Access Copyright license.

“Guelph has a long history ofattention to compliance issues and engagement with the principles of fair dealing and open access,” says Rebecca Graham, U of G’s chief information officer and chief librarian.

She said the decision best meets the intellectual and financial needs of U of G students and faculty and fulfills the University’s commitment to academic freedom and open access, including the sharing of digital materials and scholarly content.

Graham said the University will continue to provide students and faculty with the resources needed to acquire learning and research materials, while ensuring access to copyrighted materials through existing licensing agreements, appropriate payment to authors and publishers,or by utilizing fair dealing and other exceptions in the Copyright Act.

Copyright clearance services and fair-dealing guidanceare available through the library. Withthis decision, U of G continues to contribute to the growing community of institutions adopting best practices for managing their own copyright without the need for a collective license, Graham says.

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