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Publishers allowing the deposition of their published version/PDF in Institutional Repositories

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If an academic author wants to put their research articles in an institutional repository (IR) such as the UG Atrium, they are faced with a time consuming and sometimes complex task of publisher policy verification. Some publishers prohibit authors from using their own articles in an insitutional repository. Others allow it, but only under certain conditions, while others are quite happy for authors to show their work in this way.

A significant development for authors and for repositories was the development of the SHERPA-RoMEO database . This database saves a lot of time and headache by providing the details of publisher copyright policies and policies on self archiving. Prior to the existence of the database, authors had to spend time searching publisher web sites looking for information and copyright transfer agreements. Often, there was no information to be found on the web site and publishers had to be individually contacted. The time and effort required was off putting and discouraging.

The development of the Romeo database as a searchable database of publisher's policies regarding the self- archiving of journal articles on the web and in Open Access repositories was therefore a huge step forward.

According to Steven Harnad "the purpose of OA self-archiving is enhanced access, usage and impact, *not* the digital preservation of the publisher’s PDF". He suggests that the author’s postprint is the draft with the fewest publisher constraints and that the default option should be the author’s final, peer-reviewed, revised, accepted draft (the postprint), not necessarily or even preferentially the publisher’s PDF. But, in terms of retrospective archiving, the PDF is often the simplest quickest option for faculty who are just getting started archiving their work in an IR. and it is still great to know that Romeo generates a separate list of Publishers allowing the deposition of their published version/PDF in Institutional Repositories.

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