Monday, January 14, 2013

Cut Copy Paste - #pdftribute

The internet activist Aaron Swartz, seen here in January 2009, has died at the age of 26. Photograph: Michael Francis Mcelroy/AP photo grabbed from the  Guardian Website:
Aaron Swartz was a 26 year-old internet activist who downloaded millions of JSTOR articles and made them public. He was aggressively pursued by federal prosecutors, who, under no pressure from JSTOR, sought million-dollar fines and decades in prison. 

On Friday, he took his own life.

In tribute to Aaron, academics worldwide are now posting paywall-controlled articles online for free through Twitter with the hashtag #pdftribute (

Article/commentary on the situation:
Full list of pdfs tweeted so far:

Remember, RESC librarians can help you free your work. We are on your side, more than you know. Let us help you deposit copies of your published work in the Libraries'  Institutional Repository, The Atrium.

Contact one of us at  

- Jane Burpee

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