Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Better Serving the Needs of Chemists — A New Ithaka S+R Study

With funding from the Jisc, Ithaka S+R researchers spent the last year interviewing chemists and science librarians across the UK, asking about their thoughts and experiences on everything from how they keep up with developments in their field and sharing and preserving their data, to reviewing the work of the students in their laboratories. A report on the findings, Supporting the Changing Research Practices of Chemists, was released and is rich in detailed insights and specific, market-tested concepts for new services that could have a big impact.

This is the second study by Ithaka S+R in one of the most significant efforts undertaken to date to understand the changing landscape of scholarly practices and to identify ways to more effectively serve faculty and their students across disciplines. A first report, Supporting the Changing Research Practices of Historians,  was released in December 2012, and an additional study is underway in Art History.

Posted by K. Jane