Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A new resource about Article-Level Metrics (ALMs)

Today, SPARC released a new community resource delving into Article-Level Metrics (ALMs) an emerging hot topic in the scholarly publishing arena. Article-Level Metrics (ALMs) are rapidly emerging as important tools to quantify how individual articles are being discussed, shared, and used. This new SPARC primer is designed to give campus leaders and other interested parties an overview of what ALMs are, why they matter, how they complement established utilities and metrics, and how they might be considered for use  in the tenure and promotion process. 

Article-Level Metrics (ALMs) are promoting the notion that new tools can be developed and implemented to measure a scholarly object’s reach and importance.  This primer can be used by interested parties to better understand why this matters, what the results to date have been, and where the ALM path is headed.

Please click on the link to reach the new primer: Article-Level Metrics -- A SPARC Primer.

For more information, please contact Greg Tananbaum.

posted by K Jane