Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What do you know about Gold Open Access?

There are some interesting reads at the Gold Open Access Dialogue blog:

The dialogue group includes representatives from all key stakeholder groups, plus relevant domain experts and service providers.  While the work must be international in outlook, it may inevitably have a certain UK bias, especially as the UK is pioneering Gold OA following the Finch Report. 

Current members are:
  • Neil Jacobs (Jisc)
  • Ian Carter (Association of Research Managers and Administrators)
  • Robert Kiley (Wellcome Trust)
  • Mark Thorley (RCUK)
  • Mark Bide (Editeur)
  • Eefke Smit (STM)
  • Audrey McCulloch (ALPSP)
  • Caroline Sutton (Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association)
  • Mike Mertens (Research Libraries UK)
  • Paul Walk (UKOLN)
  • Todd Carpenter (NISO)
  • Anna Clements (EuroCRIS, University of St Andrews)
  • Lars Björnshauge (DOAJ)
  • Ed Pentz (CrossRef)
  • Peter Shepherd (COUNTER)
  • Peter Burnhill (Edina)
  • Rachel Bruce (Jisc)
  • Paul Harwood (Jisc)
  • Nicola Swann (Publishers Association)
  • Graham Taylor (for Publishers Association)
  • Tim Devenport (Editeur)
  • Cameron Neylon (PLoS)

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